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Firefall game

Got Crystite?

Firefall game

Postby Samuel » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:40 am

I played GA on release, back in the days when they assured everyone there would be 'No Elves'; this being a reference to the game avoiding the clichéd gear-grind that is the dull staple of MMOs. As already mentioned GA avoided the typical MMO standard of mob farming & searching for magic rings. Soon after release they decided to abandon that tactic & turned it into exactly what they said it wouldn't be - a monotonous gear-grind of truly epic proportions, even by something as banal as WoW standards. At the time I posted my concern on the forums, 'Say "NO!" to Elves (keep GA skill based not gear based)!'

Your observation that "The char's are the same as GA's" is true, they are, but those are the generic roles for shooters, not just GA (e.g. Team Fortress 2).
Lots of games have flight or gliding, again this is not the provenance of GA.
The environments of GA & Firefall might be similar, but again they are strictly derivative of the genre. Certainly neither can claim originality in any of the aspects you propose. All it comes down to is:
Do these titles utilize the game mechanics & narrative successfully?

In answer to that I have yet to play Firefall, my knowledge of it is limited to press releases.
I had another look at GA a month or two ago to see if it had improved, & guess what? In my inventory was a cosmetic Elf helmet, big pointy ears & all. That says it all really.
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