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WoT Medium Comparison

What's everypony playing?

WoT Medium Comparison

Postby Chiquita » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:17 pm

http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php ... hatillion/

Couldn't help but laugh at this comparison between medium tanks.

The Bat is like having a relationship with a super model that has mental problems. At times you will be very, very happy and other times you will be very, very unhappy with it. There is no in-between with the Bat. You can never just sit back on a Sunday and enjoy watching the game with it. It has to be the center of attention and always going full out every second. This leads to extremes. Extremely good times and extremely bad times. The Bat will not be a good mother to your children because it has to have all of you attention and always be the life of the party. If tanks were women, the Bat would be Angelina Jolie.

The T-54 is like a very good looking woman that you have fun with but can also enjoy staying in and watching TV during a rain storm from time to time. For the most part the T-54 can do all the things a Bat can do but is just not as beautiful. However, you still have to watch the T-54 because it will leave you if you don't engage with it constantly it will leave you and take half of everything you own. If tanks were women the T-54 would be Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games.

The Patton is like a decent looking woman who is also a good mother. With the Patton you will always maintain a even temperament. The Patton will never leave you stranded. The Patton will always be there for you putting out solid damage, speed, and looks. Of course all these characteristics are not as good as the Bat, the T-54, or even the homely E-50. The Patton can always be trusted. If tanks were women the Patton would be the character Florence Henderson played in The Brady Bunch, Carol Brady.

The E-50 is like a ugly woman who does not really care for you but will put up with you because she can not go anywhere else. She does not really like you but will always be there to put together that new entertainment cabinet for you or paint your house. You can trust her only in so far as someone else does not take her in. She may slap you around from time to time but will stay with you because she is not very attractive. If tanks were women the E-50 would be a East German woman athlete.
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